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Service Description

TO BOOK THIS SERICE YOU MUST HAVE HAD THE FUNGAL NAIL ASSESSMENT! THIS CAN BE FOUND WITHIN THE LIST OF SERVICES AVAILABLE TO BOOK ONLINE. Treatment includes: *Treatment to 2 or more fungal nails Fungal nail infection is a condition where a fungus infiltrates the nail plate and nail bed. Nail fungus can also affect several nails. ​ The human nail is waterproof so that it can protect your nail bed. The fungus resides underneath the toenail in the nail bed, so that’s where the treatment needs to be applied. ​ What is the Lacuna Method®? The Lacuna Method™ is a treatment for fungal nails that involves drilling micro-holes painlessly into the damaged nails. Creating micro holes in the nail plate allows the liquid treatment to penetrate down to the nail bed, and start destroying the infection at the root. ​ You can then continue to apply the anti-fungal medication at home, allowing the nail to grow out healthy. A review appointment should be booked for 4- 6 weeks, where further micro holes will be drilled if necessary and treatment applied. This is repeated until the infection is cleared. ​ Toenail reconstruction for cosmetic appearance is available as an optional extra.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your appointment, you must give at least 24 hours' notice before your appointment is scheduled to occur.

Contact Details

  • Londonderry BT48 8SE, UK

  • Londonderry BT48 8SE, UK

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